Antique Cockshutt Tractors

Antique Cockshutt Tractors

Cockshutt Plow Company was formed as The Brantford Plow Works in 1877, by James Cockshutt. The first items produced by Cockshutt were stoves and walking plows. James was continuously improving products, making them more efficient. James Cockshutt passed away a few years later, and his father, Ignatius Cockshutt, became Vice-President and his brother W.F. Cockshutt became President. They decided to rename the company, and Cockshutt Plow Company came to life. In 1888, W.F. left the company to manage his own general store, therefore another brother, Frank, became the next President.

The Cockshutt family added new products to their growing product line every year, thus constantly needing more factory and storage space, as well as more employees. 1903 brought about a massive, new twenty-three acre plow factory. Another brother, Harry, took over the company in 1910, renewing their financing abilities. This allowed them to become a full-line company and stronger dealers. The company grew and grew, then in 1962, the farm equipment division was sold to The Oliver Corporation, and Cockshutt Plow Company became White Farm Equipment.

Antique Cockshutt Tractors & Parts

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