Antique Massey Ferguson Tractors

Antique Massey Ferguson Tractors

The company Massey Ferguson started out as Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory in 1847. It was started by Daniel Massey in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada, and they produced some of the first mechanical threshers, first out of parts from the US, but then from their own designed and built parts. The company was passed on to Massey’s oldest son, Hart Almerrin Massey, and he expanded it and renamed it to Massey Manufacturing Company.

Massey Manufacturing Company had been expanding, but in 1891 they merged with A. Harris, Son and Company Limited to become Massey-Harris Company, making them the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the entire British Empire. They released the first self-propelled combine harvester in the 1930s, as well as one of the first four-wheel drive tractors. In 1953, Massey-Harris Company merged with Ferguson Company to form Massey-Harris-Ferguson. Five years later, they shortened the name to Massey Ferguson Company.

Massey Ferguson Tractors And Parts

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Massey Ferguson 240