Antique Massey Harris Tractors

Antique Massey Harris Tractors

Massey-Harris was a Canadian tractor company that was the product of a merger between Hart Massey and Alanson Harris in 1891. Hart was the son of Daniel Massey, who started Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory. This company started out making some of the first mechanical threshers. When Hart took over, he renamed the company to Massey Manufacturing Company. Alanson was the originator of A. Harris, Son & Co., which produced mowers and binders.

Massey-Harris didn’t begin building tractors until almost 1920. They first just distributed the "Big Bull" that was built in Minneapolis, MN. The Big Bull was not successful for them, and they hired Dent Parrett to design a tractor for them. They would do this twice, but find little success. Finally, in 1930, Massey-Harris produced their own tractor, the General Purpose. This was one of the first four-wheel drive tractors, but was still a tad ahead of its time. Also in the 1930s, Massey-Harris introduced the very first self-propelled combine harvester.

Despite the low sales of previous tractors, M-H didn’t get discouraged. They continued to distribute tractors for other companies, and would finally find success with the 101 and Pony. This would make Massey-Harris most successful tractor manufacturer in Canada.

By the 1950s, though, competitors were quickly advancing their designs, and creating tractors with hydraulics and three-point hitches. Massey-Harris couldn’t keep up, and after a fall-out between Harry Ferguson and Ford, Massey Harris merged with the Ferguson Company in 1953, creating Massey-Harris-Ferguson Company. Massey-Harris tractors were still produced until 1957, when Harris was fazed out and the company became Massey-Ferguson.

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