Antique Minneapolis Moline Tractors

Antique Minneapolis Moline Tractors

Minneapolis Moline was tractor and machinery manufacturer based in Minnesota. In 1929 it was a merge of 3 different companies, the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company, the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, and Moline Plow.

Minneapolis Moline were pioneers in the enclosed cab tractor business when they developed the UDLX Comfortractor in 1938. This luxury tractor had a speedometer in the dashboard, a heater, and an electric starter. The UDLX was a very popular and successful series for MM. Introduced in 1960, the M series was brought about with the M-5. The M-504 proceeded in 1962, the M-602, the M-604 which was a 4WD in 1963, and the M-670 in ’64. The White Motor Company acquired the name in 1963.

The G series was a six-cylinder line and was the most powerful and the biggest MM tractors. Production began in 1959 with the G-VI. The G-1355 was introduced in 1972 and was the most powerful Minneapolis-Moline tractor ever made, with 142 HP. The G-955 was made in 1973 and 1974 and was the last tractor built under the Minneapolis Moline name because White discontinued the brand name in 1974.

Minneapolis Moline Tractors And Parts

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