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Allis Chalmers D17 Parts, Complete Tractors, Information, Decals, & Serial Numbers
Allis Chalmers D17

The Allis Chalmers D17 was one of their best selling models. It was built from 1958-67. Between those years 84,914 of these orange beauties were built and were sold for around $5500. The D17 featured a power-director hand clutch transmission that was four gears forward and one reverse gear. The AC D17 had power adjustable rear wheels, and a traction boost system. With the hand lever clutch it allowed for on the go shifting between the direct and lower drive and a neutral allowing the PTO to continue power.

Allis Chalmers made the D17 in 3 different engine types, regular gas, LP gas, and diesel. The gas engine put out about 52.7 hp, the LP gas engine produced about 50.8hp, and the diesel produced 51.1 horses. Here are the years for serial number identification which are located on the left front torque housing.

1958: 4300-16499
1959: 16500-28199
1960: 28200-33099
1961: 33100-37069
1962: 38070-65000
1963: 65001-70610
1964: 70611-77089
1965: 77090-80532
1966: 80533-86060
1967: 86061-89213

Antique Allis Chalmers D17 Tractors And Parts

Comments On The Allis Chalmers D17

  1. RICK on 02.25.2010

    can you tell me what year my tractor is by these #s d17 17933 any help would be great.

  2. admin on 03.07.2010

    Rick: Your D17 is a 1959 with that model number. Thanks for your question!

  3. brian cline on 06.25.2010

    I was looking to find out how much an allis chalmers d17 weighed? If anyone could give me an idea that would be great I need to figure out if I can haul this behind my truck from wisconsin to missouri. Thank you for your help Brian

  4. ALLEN on 09.02.2010


  5. gary on 12.19.2010

    I am trying to find the original colors of a 1962 Allis Chalmers d17. I have come across several pictures but the rims are orange white and cream. If any one could help with this I would be very appreciative. Thanks

  6. Jenny Curtis on 01.04.2011

    Does anyone have parts on an Allis Chambers D14? My husband has a D17. A friend of his has a D14 and wants to restore it. Thank you.

  7. artie showalter on 03.20.2011

    Whenever I move the lift arms on the back of my 1959 D 17 it loses fluid internally. Could someone tell me what i’ll need to fix this?

    Thanks, Artie

  8. Bob on 06.03.2011

    D17 series 4—–lower left hand side of instrument panel there is a red light—-power directive—-oil pressure light—–if light is on is it low on oil or oil need change—comes on periodically.

  9. conrad mitchell on 07.06.2011

    I need a power director clutch assy, for D17. If any one has one, let me know.

  10. Barry on 08.20.2011

    I have a D17 Series IV Diesel with power steering. The steering went out. I can turn the steering wheel and nothing happens. What should I look for first?

  11. Barry on 08.20.2011

    I have a D17 Series IV and the steering went out. Where should I look first to start repairs?

  12. mark on 09.12.2011

    I have a D-17 Allis Chamers and it is blowing oil out of the exhaust. I have new parts to fix but can’t get the sleeves out of the block and head. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.

  13. Scott Sherva on 09.18.2011

    I have a 61 D-17 when you push in the clutch the gears in the trans continue to rotate and you can’t shift it into a gear.This does not happen every time.The pressure plate looks like it working when you look through the inspection hole. Can anyone help?

  14. Tom Warren on 11.05.2011

    I need a rear wheel clamp for a 1949 Allis-Chalmers “B”. Does anyone have one?

  15. Mike Klinkhammer on 11.15.2011

    Need some help. Have a D17 that was repainted by father-in-law before he passed. All I got to go on is the stamped D17 3956 on the transmission? Can someone tell me what this number means?

  16. roger rath on 03.22.2012

    Looking for information on the locations of decals where they go on D-17 series II. I know where some belong but not all. If someone could help would appreciate it.

  17. Dave on 04.02.2012

    I just purchased a D-17 and it has serial number 3524. Does that make it a 1957 model?

  18. Blackseal on 05.08.2012

    Is it possible to change the governor fly weights on a D17 with powersteering with out removing the governor?

  19. Jerome Lenth on 10.18.2012

    What is the color of the outside of front wheel hub on d17 3 series?

  20. RAY on 06.10.2013

    I have ’64 D17 gas, does anyone know where to add hyd oil?

  21. Mike on 08.05.2013

    Looking for left side hood for d17 diesel

  22. F. Crowell on 08.17.2013

    I need kit to rebuild oil pump on D17 diesel Allis Chalmer. Does anyone know where I can find one?

  23. Clay on 10.13.2013

    How do I find the year if the torque tube has been replaced? The engine serial number is 17-41163-m. The number on the tube is D17 6173 d but the tractor is a series 4 and gas, any help? Thanks.

  24. Dirk Merle on 12.13.2013

    Where do I find the serial number to help me know what year of D17 I have?

  25. David on 06.04.2014

    I need to know where to add hydro fluid and trans fluid to my D17.

  26. Mike on 09.05.2014

    Need to find a complete detail set for series for the 17 with three point hitch.

  27. Liz on 01.31.2015

    Brother is working on an Allis tractor, we wants me to find out what year it is and what the original color and where stickers are. The Number he gave me is D1711854. Can someone help me out.

  28. Duane on 02.10.2015

    Needing the short hydraulic line for central valve and spool assembly for D17 Series IV.
    In southern/central Illinois.

    Any suggestions on a dealer that would have it onsite?


  29. Duane on 02.10.2015

    Liz, your brother’s tractor is a 1958 model. I’m sorry I do not know the answer to your other questions.

  30. Gary on 03.01.2015

    Looking for a ram cylinder seal kit for D17. Can anyone help me?

  31. Wes Milner on 05.31.2015

    Just replaced the gas cap on my D17 with a cap from Farm and Fleet. I believe the 17 is a 66 or 67. Cap fits perfect but it doesn’t vent and the tractor shuts down. I’m leaving it a little loose for now, but what is the fix? Do I need a different gas cap? Where would I get one?

  32. David C. Koss Sr. on 06.06.2015

    How do I determine which is no 1 cylinder, no 2, No.3, No.4 on an Allis D17 gas?

  33. Silas on 06.14.2015

    My D17 resembles a 1962 but the serial # is 109009. Can anyone tell me what year it is?

  34. scott arender on 09.02.2015

    I need a power steering pump (belt drive) for my d17 allis chalmers. Does anyone know where to find a remanufactured pump or a rebuild kit?

  35. Ken L. on 09.25.2015

    I have a 1961 D17 gas, It looses drive on hills when warm, any ideas where to look ?

  36. 17 on 12.27.2015

    What is the starting procedure for a D17 fueled by propane

  37. jane reid on 01.05.2016

    what do the letters fwd mean on an allis chalmers d17

  38. Lyman A Berge on 01.31.2017

    Looking for my dad’s 1965 D17 Series IV diesel serial #79556 with loader that
    was bought new in 1965. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  39. Lynn A. Moore on 09.24.2017

    How do you install brake bands on a 1966 model? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  40. AJ on 12.19.2017

    I have a D17 not sure of the year or serial number. looking at the stamp by the torque housing it has D17 4204. that is all the numbers that is there

  41. Tim Ashley on 01.14.2018

    Have 2 D17 need to sell. One runs but smokes. The other is a parts but still in good shape.

  42. Don on 02.08.2018

    How hard is it to change a starter on a D17 s IV

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