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Case Model SC, Model S Series Tractors For Sale, Information, & History
Case S Series

The Case Model S series was produced from 1940 to 1955, as a replacement for the Model R and RC. It was generally an agriculture tractor with a double plough, and a four-speed gearbox. The Case Model S series was also the first Case tractor series to be painted in what is now known as Case Flambeau Red.

The “main” Model S was the fixed, wide-front, standard tread version. The Model SC was a general purpose tractor, also known as a row-crop tractor, and had a “tricycle” wheel set-up. There were two less-popular versions of the Model S series, as well. The SO was created for orchard use, and the SI was the industrial version.

The Model S had a four-cylinder, gasoline engine with a 2.5L/153.9ci displacement. The tractor had 16 horsepower at the Drawbar, and 21 horsepower at the Belt. It was a two-wheel drive, with manual steering and disc brakes.

The SC started out with a distillate-run engine, but switched to a gasoline engine in 1953. They were both four-cylinder engines, but nearly every number increased with the introduction of the larger, gas engine. In April of 1941, the distillate engine tested with a Belt horsepower of 22.3, and a Drawbar horsepower of 19.4. Once the larger engine was used, the numbers jumped to 31.7hp and 27.7hp.

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Comments On The Case S Series

  1. John Davis on 06.03.2010

    I am looking for the service manual for a 1956 Power King Tractor It was manufactured by Engineering Products of Waukesha, WI. They also made tractors under the name Economy and Jim Dandy. s/n 4583, B&S Model 23FB, Type 203515, Engine s/n 209-962.
    Any help in locating manuals would be appreciated.

  2. Hal on 09.24.2010

    Here’s a web site for tractor manuals. – Hal


  3. james r finnegan jr on 04.24.2011

    Would anyone have, or know where I could locate a set of rear fenders for a Case S?

    Thank you !!!!

  4. grant boyechko on 09.29.2011

    I have 1959 case 60 series for sale i was wondering what i could get for this tractor or call me. 1-403-350-0127.

  5. Michael on 04.26.2013

    Does anyone know what size of bucket with arms you can put onto a 1953 Case gas motor? I am starting to rebuild my grandpa’s tractor and he said it use to have a bucket on there and I am trying to get it back to what the original of the tractor was when he had it running. Any information about the tractor would be really helpful thank you.

  6. Maurice on 04.25.2015

    I have a 1951 Model S Case and am looking for 2 rear tire rims 12.4 x 26, would like to restore Dad’s old tractor. It still runs pretty good. You can call 306-382-5285 Saskatoon Sask. “Canada” or Email and I’ll call you.

  7. Ron McMillan on 09.13.2015

    Looking for an intake for case model sc. 5098991697

  8. VERNON FULLER on 07.20.2016


  9. David Coody on 11.17.2016

    Im very interested in buying and old S from a friend to restore any thoughts on a price thats fair its been sittingbfor about 6 years. Tires are shot but he said it ran 3 years ago in place

  10. Fred glover on 01.07.2017

    Hi everyone, I have a case so tractor, couldn’t find a lot of info on this ,its a 1949 and I like to know, how many was made and how much its worth if u have any info a would like to pass it my way that would be great

  11. harvey wallace on 02.25.2017

    Hello , bought a 1949 so case tractor for 1500, new tires all the way around, real nice paint job, runs great.

  12. Rod from Australia on 07.05.2017

    I have an ‘S’ series Case tractor in excellent condition but the exhaust manifold is burnt out.
    I have searched with Case/IH and various Web sites without luck and wonder if there are any Case- ifiles out there who can suggest where I might go to find a replacement.

  13. Rod from Australia on 07.05.2017

    I am looking for a exhaust manifold for ‘S’ Series Case. No luck sourcing anywhere in Australia.

    Grateful if anyone has a suggestion on where I might find this.

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