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In the 1930s, Case President Leon Clausen was apprehensive about bringing a small tractor to the market. Then, Allis-Chalmers and John Deere began seeing good results. Clausen finally gave in, and the V-Series was born. The original Model V was only around for a couple of years before it was replaced by the upgraded Model VA.

The Case Model VA came out in 1942, and was produced until 1955. It was a standard-tread, two-wheel drive tractor with a Case-built four-cylinder, overhead-valve engine. There were both gasoline and distillate models, but they had the same specifications and outputs. They had a bore and stroke of 3.25×3.75 inches, a displacement of 124 cubic-inches, a compression ratio of 6:1, and were liquid cooled. The VA had a four forward-speed transmission that had one reverse speed. It had a maximum belt power of 16.98 horsepower, a maximum drawbar power of 12.54 horsepower, and a maximum drawbar pull of 2,394 pounds.

The 3,200 pound VA had an optional electric start. Case also tried to match Ford’s use of the three-point hitch by utilizing the Eagle Hitch on the VA. This wasn’t added until 1949, but the VA was the first tractor to use this hitch. Case would end up manufacturing 150,000 Model VA’s before the V-Series saw its end in 1955. If you have a Case Model VA and are unsure of the production year, the serial number corresponds with the production year as follows:

1942: 4600001+
1943: 4700001+
1944: 4800001+
1945: 4900001+
1946: 5000001+
1947: 5100001+
1948: 5200001+
1949: 5300001+
1950: 5400001+
1951: 5500001+
1952: 5600001+
1953: 5700001+
1954: 5800001+
1955: 5900001+

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  1. Greg LaMere on 04.15.2011

    I would like some information on an tractor. The tractor’s serial number is VAC5261441. Thank you.

  2. Ken Kane on 11.06.2011

    Looking for fiber shim that fits in a long bull pinion.

  3. MANDY on 03.23.2012

    LOOKING for a radiator

  4. Jerry on 09.26.2012

    Looking for a reverse gear for a 1949 case VA tractor tractor model # VA5365870

  5. Pete on 09.11.2014

    New to this, what type of hydraulic fluid or gear oil do I refill in the side flywheel?

  6. Steve Schuman on 10.16.2014

    I have bought a 1951 Case VA 5557551. My problem is the right brake is missing. The only thing there is the drum. It is a band type assemblies system. I need every thing. Can someone help me or send me a web site to find it?

    Thanks a lot

  7. .Mike Sutherland on 08.06.2015

    I was offered a 1951 Case VA, Guy just WA ts to recover some of his cost for rear tires , clutch and pressure plate what does anyone think a fair price would be. Old guy just wants to unload. Regards

  8. Sarah on 01.11.2016

    How would one go about finding approx. value for 1948 Case VAC tractor. All original, and in good running condition?

  9. Danny Reynolds on 01.15.2016

    I need a starter for a 1948 case vac.

  10. Rich on 03.31.2016

    I have a 1947 VA with hydraulics. Need schematics on hydraulics.

  11. Jonathan Erdle on 04.24.2016

    Parting out 1948 Case VAI if anyone is looking for parts. Complete rear end section and small parts, starter etc.

  12. Bob C on 04.25.2016

    I have 1948 case VA , serial 5251048. Would appreciate any information on its value.

    Engine is free, everything is there . Metal sound needs some work but should run.

  13. richard gates on 05.28.2016

    looking for a sickle bar mower for a 1947 vai case

  14. Ken Morton on 07.26.2016

    Are VA and VAC engines the same (interchangeable)?

  15. WILLIAM SMITH on 07.30.2016

    Looking fenders for case VAS offset tractor

  16. Jim on 08.16.2016

    Hi Jonathan Erdle

    how can someone contact you?


  17. Bill on 08.23.2016

    looking for the pto lever and shifter assembly from a 1955 VAC-14

  18. mark zack on 09.12.2016

    Need reverse gear for 1947 case vac tractor.

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