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Cockshutt 30 Tractors & Parts For Sale, Information, Serial Numbers
Antique Cockshutt 30

The first production Cockshutt tractor built in their Canadian factory was the Cockshutt 30. Manufactured from 1946 to 1957, the 30 was also the first production Cochshutt with a live rear PTO system. It was a two-wheel drive tractor with four forward gears and one reverse gear.

The Cockshutt 30 weighed 3,620 pounds dry, and 5,528 pounds when liquids were full. It was 11 feet long and 5 feet tall. It held 15 gallons of gasoline, 1.5 gallons of hydraulic fuel, and 18 quarts of coolant.

The engine used in the 30 was a Buda gasoline engine with natural aspiration and liquid cooling. It had four cylinders with a compression ratio of 6:1, a bore and stroke of 3.4375 x 4.125 inches, and a displacement of 153.1ci. It ran 1650 rated RPMs and 540 rear RPMs.

The Cockshutt 30 had a claimed Drawbar power of 21hp and a claimed PTO power of 28hp. When tested, the Drawbar power was 27.25hp and the PTO power was 30.28hp. The maximum Belt power tested at 31.88hp, and the maximum Drawbar pull was 3,745 pounds.

There were a total of 37,328 Cockshutt 30s built. The serial numbers are located in front of the transmission on the left side of the frame. The production year corresponds with the serial numbers as follows:

1946: 101+ | 1947: 442+ | 1948: 6705+ | 1949: 17371+ | 1950: 26151+ | 1951: 28505+
1952: 32389+ | 1953: 35580+ | 1954: 35974+ | 1955: 40001+ | 1956: 50001+ | 1957: 60001+

Cockshutt 30 Tractors And Parts For Sale

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  1. ron prewitt on 12.05.2012

    in need of a generator for a 1955 cockshutt 30

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    Can anyone tell me the correct settings of the main nozzle (main jet) and the air nozzle (idle adjusting needle) of a Cockshutt 30 with a zenith carburetor?

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    I’m looking for a starter for a Cockshutt 30? Does anyone know know where I might get one?



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    Looking for Linkage Rod, Governor Arm to Throttle for Cockshutt 30 tractor

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    Looking for engine block for Cockshutt 30. Please email dobe32792@yahoo.com.

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