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Farmall H Tractors & Parts For Sale, Information, Specifications
Farmall H

The Farmall H was a row-crop tractor that was produced from 1939-1953. The H was a fairly successful tractor, having over 390,000 sold. There were three different International Harvester engines used in the Farmall H: gasoline, distillate, and kerosene. They were all liquid-cooled four-cylinders with a bore/stroke of 3.375 x 4.25 inches and a displacement of 152.1 cubic inches. In fact, the only difference came in the compression ratio. The gasoline-ran H had a ratio of 5.9:1, the distillate-ran H had a ratio of 4.75:1, and the kerosene-ran H had a ratio of 4.5:1.

The Farmall H had a sliding gear transmission with five forward gears and one reverse. In a Nebraska Tractor Test on the gasoline-ran Farmall H in October 1939, it produced a max belt power of 26.20hp, and a max drawbar power of 24.17hp. Max belt fuel use was 2.3 gallons/hour. When the distillate-ran H was tested in November 1939, it had a max belt power of 23.3hp and a max drawbar power of 21.4hp.

The H had a typical red Farmall paint job. It had a wheelbase of 88.33 inches and weighed 3,875 pounds. The serial number was located on the left side of the transmission housing, and corresponds with the production year as follows:

1939: 501-10652
1940: 10653-52386
1941: 52387-93236
1942: 93237-122090
1943: 122091-150250
1944: 150251-186122
1945: 186123-214819
1946: 214820-241142
1947: 241143-268990
1948: 268991-300875
1949: 300876-327974
1950: 327975-351922
1951: 351923-375860
1952: 375861-390499
1953: 390500+

Farmall H Tractors & Parts For Sale

Comments On The Farmall H

  1. Bill Schroers on 09.21.2010


    I’m kind of throwing out a long shot but I am trying to locate a 1954 Farmall H Serial # 21342. My Grandpa had bought it new in 1955 and sold to a guy who was going to restore it back in the late 80’s or early 90’s when he sold his farm. I just bought my other grandpa’s 1944 John Deere B and it got me wondering where this Farmall might be. Is there any chance anyone might be able to help me locate it? Call @ 1-763-494-1940

  2. James Davis on 08.18.2011

    I recently received a job of taking down an old barn inside I found what I think is a 1938 farmall tractor. I do not have the time or money to restore it for it has sat for at least 40 years. If anyone is interested please send me an email.

  3. Dean Wedekind on 04.10.2013

    How can I purchase a print of the photo at the top of the page?

  4. admin on 04.11.2013

    @Dean, you would need to find and email or call the owner of the photo and ask for their permission. If you click on the image, it will take you to their photobucket account.

  5. DICK BAHR on 09.07.2013

    I grew up on H tractors. My Dad had 3 of them. He still has 1. They are excellent tractors, never had a problem. I wish I had a brand new one.

  6. Herman Hutton on 04.27.2014

    I Have a 1942 Farmall H that is stuck in 2 gear, can’t get it out, any help?
    please E-mail me at huttonherman@Yahoo.com

  7. Ron Hon on 06.30.2014

    I have a Farmall H stuck in Third gear. What do I do to get it unstuck? Thank you for giving it some thought!

  8. John Howard on 09.26.2014

    If I split a 1941 Farmall H and a 1949 Farmall H, will the 49 rear end match up to the 1941 or is the pilot bearing a different size?

  9. Ronnie Knoedler on 10.12.2014

    I also have a Farmall H stuck in gear. Shifter feels like fork broke or came out of position. Thank you for any help.

  10. Barbara Goodman on 07.11.2015

    What weight of hydraulic fluid and how much does the Farmall H Tractor take?

  11. Anonymous on 08.19.2015

    I am looking for Farmall H to fix & ride it cross country for pancreatic cancer awareness. My mother in law suffered from this horrible disease for 8 months. Any assistance getting rolling across the USA will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! The milk man.

  12. Bill on 11.07.2015

    Barbara the hydraulic system on a H uses the same oil the motor uses, the owners manual says 30 weight NON detergent motor oil. Odds are the motor has b33n switched to detergent oil which is fine I wouldn’t suggest putting it in the lift all as it could break loose some sludge and plug up the pump

  13. Pam weidel on 03.27.2016

    I have an old restored H tractor I am interested to find out it’s worth
    609-915-2123 Pamela Weidel

  14. Ronnie turner on 07.18.2017

    I have a old h that is stuck any advice please

  15. Tim Ashley on 01.15.2018

    Have a model H and a super H that are parts tractors. Both are pretty well complete. Parting out and will sell whole. 3188370153

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