Farmall Super A

The Farmall Super A was manufactured by International Harvester in the years 1947-1954. The Super A was an updated improved model of the A. One of the biggest changes was in reply to the 3-point system of Ferguson used on the Fords, a new touch controlled hydraulic system. The Super A has 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, and featured a wide front end, a 113 cubic inch 4 cylinder gasoline and kerosene engine.

In the 8 years that the Super A was produced, 94,001 tractors were manufactured. You can locate the serial numbers on the right side of the seat support bracket. Here are the serial numbers associated with the years.

250001 – 250081: 1947 | 250082 – 268195: 1948 | 268196 – 281268: 1949
281569 – 300125: 1950 | 300126 – 324469: 1951 | 324470 – 336879: 1952
336880 – 353347: 1953 | 353348 – 357958: 1954

Antique Farmall Super A Tractors And Parts

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  1. Jim Zwick on 08.23.2010

    My father has a Super A… the engine block is casted with the word sample on it. Any idea why this is?



  2. melbie l.rice on 10.07.2010

    I have a Tractor A or Super A, serial number 29266. Can anyone tell me if this is an A or Super A and what year was it made? Thanks.

  3. admin on 10.11.2010

    @melbie : According to that serial number it would be a year 1950.

  4. Kenneth Deans on 11.27.2010

    Looking for a disc harrow. For a SuperA tractor the toung from the disc hooks on to the swing drawbar. the standard drawbar and the half moon drawbar.The chains hook from the lift arms to the disc with the lift arms let all the way down. Lift the arms up and this picks the disc up. Hope i havent confused you to much. Thanks.

  5. steve nicks on 03.27.2011

    I have a 1949 Super A, did they ever make a bush hog that would work with this tractor?

  6. Betty Statom on 04.16.2011

    My husband is trying to plant corn but the sprocker (sp?) slips and plants more corn than it should.

  7. Dwight on 04.24.2011

    I have a Farmall A. The seat has been changed so I don’t know what year it is. is there any way to find out the year from numbers on the engine or transmission. I know most if not all of them are casting numbers but will they work.

  8. AJ on 04.24.2011

    Have a Farmall Super A, missing the 3-5′ long link between hydraulic arm and fast-hitch. any suggestions?

  9. James Adkins on 06.11.2011

    I have a 1951 Super “A” Farmall with engine water pump. Can you tell me which engine I have. JA

  10. Donald Perry on 06.24.2011

    Have Super A Farmall which has 12 volt alt on tractor thats not hooked up. Any suggestions on the best way to put a chevy alt on, and hook up?

  11. Rod Schrom on 02.05.2012

    Donald Perry

    Put a 1 wire general motors alt on it— you need to add a field flash switch so you can energize the fields after you start the engine to get the alt to produce elect.

  12. Nick on 03.21.2013

    I have a Farmall Super A and I am not sure what year it is. There is no serial number plate under the seat. Where can I find a serial number on it?

  13. Doug Spaeth on 05.24.2013

    Can anyone tell me where to find out how to put a plow on a Farmall A?

  14. Ben on 06.24.2013

    I own a 1949 Super A and need parts for the one-row cultivator. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Ben.

  15. admin on 06.25.2013

    Hi Ben, I would try ebay or your local Case IH dealer. They might be able to special order what you need, or know someone that has what you need.

  16. Jerry Turner - georgia on 11.18.2013

    I have a super-a-farmall modle-faa sn.354115. Does anyone know how to tell year and mo. of mfg.?

  17. Timm Andersen on 01.19.2014

    I have a 1953 Super A. I would like to slow it down, different ring and pinion I would assume. I do not want to change tire size, that will not be enough. The gearing is so high that under any type of load it just spins the tires. Suggestions?

  18. David Pollock on 02.08.2014

    I am looking for a snowplow for a farmall supper a . you can call 989-287-2619 Dave

  19. John Bonner on 02.26.2014

    Looking for where to purchase decals super a Farmall. Any ideas where to find? THANKS.

  20. Woody Maultsby on 04.28.2014

    Just bought a 1947 Super A. Looking for plowing attachments. Any help would be appreciated. Email

  21. JOHN H PIERCE on 06.17.14 on 06.17.2014

    I have a Super A tractor that will not idle. It runs almost wide open all the time, can anyone help? Thanks.

  22. admin on 06.18.2014

    Hi Harold, I would check the springs on the weights on the governor. It sounds like a problem in the distributer to me. Does this has an internal governor in the distributor or an external governor in the engine? Either way I think the weights are flying out too fast and allowing the engine to over rev. The tractor may have been over-revved at some point and the weights may just be stuck out, or they could be stuck from just sitting around and gotten rusty or sludge build-up.

  23. Cole McPherson on 08.10.2014

    Looking for a Farmall Auper A fast hitch, 1954 model.

  24. Gil Hammond on 08.13.2014

    I need to time a Super A Tractor engine. Can anyone tell me how to time it at the distributer?

  25. Shane on 01.21.2015

    I have a Farmall Super A, I believe it is a “53”. I can’t seem to locate an inner tube for the front tire. I have tried three inner tubes and in each case the valve stem twisted upward and broke when inflated. Also, the tire size is not original, it is a 5.90-15 in lieu of 5.0-15. Does anyone know where I can get an inner tube that will work?
    Thank you,

  26. Lonn Olson on 05.02.2015

    Wanting to purchase either Farmall A, Cub or Super A.


  27. roy on 05.26.2015

    Take the number one plug out, put your finger over the hole. Have someone turn the engine over with the crank until the compression blows by your finger. Stop, stick something in the cylinder hole, bring the piston to the top. Pull your disturb cap off and look to see were the roter button is pointing. That will be number 1 wire going clockwise. Find the firing order, should be behind or close to the disturb. Follow that order, like 1354. Hope this helps.

  28. Thomas on 09.18.2015

    yes i have a tractor model under the seat says f.a.a 4886 not sure of the year or model or year

  29. Chip on 11.13.2015

    I have a 1950 farmall serial #296649. Under the serial number on the tag there is another number 1540. Does anyone know what the 1540 stands for?

  30. Gregg Garlisch on 01.31.2016

    Looking for a Farmall Super A fast hitch assembly.

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