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Ford NAA Golden Jubilee Tractors & Parts, Information, Manuals, Serial Numbers
Ford NAA Golden Jubilee

Ford celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 1953, and marked that feat with the introduction of a completely new Ford NAA tractor. This compact tractor was built to replace the Ford N-Series tractors that had been released back in 1939. The 1953 NAA had a 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee badge on the nose of its already stylish hood, signifying its importance. Because of this easily identifiable badge, the NAA was also known as the Golden Jubilee. The NAA was also released in 1954, although without the anniversary badge, and only had a change in gear ratio.

The Ford NAA had a 134 cubic inch, inline four-cylinder engine that ran on gasoline and gave farmers 32 horsepower. The four-speed transmission would get farmers going at nearly twelve miles per hour. The NAA had Solid System hydraulics that relied on an engine-driven pump, making a live PTO optional. This was different from the N-Series in that they came standard with a PTO-driven hydraulics pump. The Golden Jubilee was also a bit larger than the N-Series of tractors. The tractor had a wheelbase that measured at 73.875 inches, the length at 119 inches, a width of 64.75 inches, and height of 74 inches. It also weighed 2,814 pounds, which was about a hundred pounds heavier.

The serial numbers for the Ford NAA are as follows:
1953: NAA 1 – NAA 77475
1954: NAA 77476 – NAA 128965

Antique Ford NAA Jubilee Tractors And Parts

Comments On The Ford NAA Golden Jubilee

  1. Ted Brawner on 07.08.2011

    I have a 1954 NAA. I am in need of a carburetor for it. It has a Marvel Schebler TSX 428. I sent it to a local shop to have it rebuilt and the venture was lost during the rebuild. Haven’t been able to locate that part.
    Can anyone help? It has been suggested that I buy a zenith brand.
    I am not sure what I should do.
    Do anyone have any suggestions? I am not building a show tractor. I use this tractor for odd jobs. I want it to start and run for everyday use.

    Ted Brawner

  2. Bob Mole on 10.09.2011

    I’m looking for the updated hydraulic pump and lines for the Jubilee tractor-I have the origional vane pump, but wish to update. This tractor is not going to show, I use it around the farmstead. IF anyone has a ‘invented’ a way to update without going to the manufacture’s update, I’d be very intrerested in hearing how and what you may have done. thanks, bob

  3. Bernie Norris on 03.02.2016

    I have a 1953 Jubilee that was equiped with live pto option. When used in hot weather, such as hay season, it would slip when fluid got hot. I took it out thinking I would have the clutch pack rebuilt. After 3 back surgeries, 2 strokes, and heart surgery I sold hay equipment and still have parts that I would like to sell. Don’t know what to ask but I know a lot of people have asked me to price the parts. Anyone know what they are worth or anyone interested?

  4. Gordon braislin on 03.07.2016

    Hi, If you still have the Ford NAA live PTO parts I would be very interested in buying them. Thank you and I sure hope this works out. Gordie B.

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