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John Deere 4020 LP, Gas, & Diesel Tractors & Parts For Sale, Information
1966 John Deere 4020

The Legendary John Deere Model 4020 was produced from 1964-1972. A total of 57,471 of these beauties were built. 48,482 of these were diesel, 5,268 were LP gas, and 3,721 were regular gas engines. In 1972 if you recall,(and I know most of you can), these sold new for about $10,345 dollars. The liquid cooled, 6 cylinder, powerful engines that ran these Deere’s were 362 cubic inches in the LP and gas models, and 404 cubic inches in the diesel model.

The Syncro-Range transmission had 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The Power Shift has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. The power shift allows for shifting while moving without using the clutch.

This great tractor was truly innovative for it’s time. In 1966 the roll over protective structure was offered on the 4020. John Deere engineers developed the Roll Guard and then made the patents available to the entire industry ensuring more safety for all tractor operators. The serial numbers are located on the rear of the transmission case and are as follows.

1964: 65000-90999 | 1965: 91000-118999 | 1966: 119000-145659
1967: 145660-173981 | 1968: 173982-200999 | 1969: 201000-222159
1970: 222160-249999 | 1971: 250000-260790 | 1972: 260791-270288

Antique John Deere 4020 Tractors And Parts

Comments On The John Deere 4020

  1. Dennis Schlegel on 05.19.2010

    My dad recently puchased a 4020 serial number t213R 180774R. The difference from the 4020 I grew up with had a adjustable front axle and came equipped with a 3 point. this paticular model has a solid front end with out a three point. Need some info on this tractor

  2. don welch on 07.25.2015

    I have never taken the sleeves out of any engine. I need to know how to get the ones out of my 4020 John Deere LP engine. It is a 67 model with the block #40860. Do I just knock them out from underneath? Any help will be appreciated.

  3. rick on 04.23.2017

    where can i find a repair kit for model H 1477 vaporizor

  4. johnny jones on 08.02.2017

    I need in frame engine kit for 4020 l p tractor john deere .cast r40680 s/ n 203000.362 engine .I need prices on pistons- liners rod & main bearings 0.10 rods & main bearings.gasket set. thanks 1 870 222 1206

  5. johnny jones on 09.07.2017

    I need piston & liners for a 4020 l p engine 362 block casting number r40670 I need the the liner & pistons x 6 and upper & lower gaskets .if u need to talk please call 1 870 501 0171 thank please let me know yes r no thanks

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