Massey Harris Pony

While Massey-Harris had success with larger tractors, they wanted to try to help out the small farmers, too. With this new endeavor in mind, they released the Massey-Harris Pony. Produced from 1947 to 1957, the Pony was a 4×2 two-wheel drive tractor with a single plough. It had the same general styling as other Massey-Harris’, but the width between the front two wheels could be adjusted. The tractor was five feet tall and had a wheel base of sixty-six inches.

The engine used on the Pony was a four cylinder Continental N62. It was gasoline-ran and liquid cooled, and had natural aspiration. The three-speed transmission was unsychronized, and had one reverse speed. When tested, there were 10.43hp at the drawbar and 11.62hp at the belt. Manual steering was the only steering option on the Pony, and the brakes were differential mechanical contracting bands.

The serial numbers for the Massey-Harris Pony are located on the front, right side of the frame, and coincide with production year as follows:

1947: PGA1001-PGA1381 | 1948: PGA1382-PGA5500 | 1949: PGA5501-PGA10816
1950: PGA10817-PGA13590 | 1951: PGA13591-PGA17993 | 1952: PGA17994-20570
1953: 20571-23148 | 1954: 23149-25726 | 1955: 25727-28304 | 1956: 28305-30882
1957: 30883+

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  1. Jay Knighten on 07.09.2012

    where can I find cultivaters for my 1952 pony ?

  2. Charlie Wirl on 09.09.2012

    I lost the serial number for my Pony tractor. I am wanting to sell it now and now looking for a serial number.

  3. Dave T on 02.01.2014

    Help! Just aquired A Massy Pony. Told it was a 54. However plate is missing right front under radiator , Also tag missing from engine, Is there any other #;s any where else??? Thanks for any info you have .Dave

  4. josh galland on 04.15.2014

    do you have a diagram of massey pony starter,or where do i look to get one?Don’t no much about computers so any help will help.THANKS

  5. mike bondoni on 03.18.2015

    I am currently restoring what I believe to be a 1952 Massey Pony and looking for a carburetor. My serial # reads PGA 21-451. Am I correct on the year and where can I find a carburetor? Thank you in advance for your help

  6. Joe LeBlanc on 05.04.2015

    Hi Mike,
    Rusty Acres Ranch go to web site under MH pony engine part. They have used carburetors.

  7. Wendell Collicutt on 05.12.2015

    I have A 1947 Massey Pony tractor and would like to know what it is worth restorable. – Wendell

  8. Anonymous on 06.05.2015

    My serial number reads PGA1282 – can anyone please tell me what year it is?

  9. Karen Albright on 06.09.2015

    Can anyone tell me what year serial # PGA 12022 on a Massey Harris Pony.


  10. Larry Hodson on 07.09.2015

    I’m looking for a rear PTO for a 1949 Massey Harris Pony. Thanks

  11. Linwood Hall on 11.10.2015

    have a 1952 pony . looking for original headlights w/ bulbs . not sure where to find them. thanks

  12. Anonymous on 12.08.2015

    Does this tractor look like a 1947 Massey Harris Pony?

  13. Bob on 02.06.2016

    I have two Massey Harris Pony Tractors for sale. One is 1949, and the other a 1952.I parked the 1949 when the starter motor gave out, and parked the 1952 when the carburater gave out. The 1952 was rolled by the previous owner and the steering wheel shaft is bent but replaceable.Will sell one, or both for a decent price. Would also deliver to Western states of Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, and I Idaho, and western provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan for fuel recovery, trailer rental, etc. If interested, contact me for more information and pictures at Thanks. I am located on the Canada/U.S border 35 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia.

  14. Bob on 02.16.2016

    Hi Karen It appears your Pony is a 1950. Serial Numbers PGA 10817 to 13725.

  15. Bob on 02.16.2016

    Hi Mike. It appears your Pony is a 1952. Serial Numbers PGA 18225 to22006

    And Anonymous: PGA 1282 is a 1947 Serial Numbers PGA 1001 to 1320

  16. Nick on 02.25.2016

    I was thinking of selling my Massey Harris pone how much are they worth?

  17. Chris on 03.06.2016

    I have a pony not sure of the serial number. The number I found is 851651M1. Is this a serial number?

  18. Mike on 03.15.2016

    New Hampshire Farm Museum is looking for a starter for it’s Massey Harris Pony. May even consider a good core on end cone.(mounting holes broken). Any help greatly appreciated. please contact Mike if you have any leads. Thanks

  19. Anonymous on 05.10.2016

    I was thinking of selling my 1947 Massey Harris. How much are they worth very good condition

  20. Terry Deno on 05.18.2016

    I have a 1948, #PGA 3160, has a loader and runs and drives great. How much do you think it’s worth? Paint is slightly faded, starter has been rebuilt.

  21. Patrick on 06.04.2016

    I have restored a Massey Harris Pony 1951 or 52 possibly for sale. I was in a tractor club several years ago and I did 90% of the work myself. I took it down to the last nut and bolt, cleaned it , primed it and coated it with two 2 coats of paint. The motor was rebuilt, new tires, new carbuerator, new side panels, and new battery. It has a few leaks I have not tried yet to stop. I am not a mechanic so I haven’t got the carb completely adjusted yet but it runs great sitting idle. I have over $10,000 in it but I know I won’t near that amount so I am open for offers.
    I also have another 1952 Massey Harris Pony completely torn apart sitting in my shop ready to begin the clean-up process if any one is interested in it. Again give me an offer

  22. tony on 06.14.2016

    Wants two new headlights for my pony..London 00447831588761

  23. gar w. on 06.17.2016

    I recently purchased a Massey Harris tractor but i’m not sure what it is. I have found lots of sites with numbers but i’m not finding mine. my serial number is 764795 M1 A1403 it stamped in the left side like under the clutch pedal. Any help would be greatly welcomed.

  24. Sheila Passauer on 07.05.2016

    Selling my 1949 Massey Harris ( RESTORED ) Pony, great condition.

  25. Steve H on 07.22.2016

    @ Sheila Passauer – I am interested in your Pony; do you have any pictures you could send my way?

  26. Pete M on 08.03.2016

    I have the following MH Pony implements that I would like to sell in Michigan.
    Hay Mower
    Spring Tooth Cultivator
    Tractor Mounted Cultivators

    Will NOT split – sell only as a package

  27. M. Smith on 08.19.2016

    Wanting to know what year my Massey Harris – Ferguson Pony tractor is ? Have posters stating ” First all gray Pony Tractor” Wondering how much it might be worth ?

  28. Jerry on 08.28.2016

    I’ve been looking for accessories for my pony for some time.

  29. Ernie Taylor on 09.02.2016

    I am looking for a used starter for my pony
    Anyone know where I might find one

  30. Art Wickstrom on 11.12.2016

    I am interested in your torn apart one can you send me a phone number as well as email address so we can talk and I could see pictures

    Thanks Art

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