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Case VA

In the 1930s, Case President Leon Clausen was apprehensive about bringing a small tractor to the market. Then, Allis-Chalmers and John Deere began seeing good results. Clausen finally gave in, and the V-Series was born. The original Model V was only around for a couple of years before it was replaced by the upgraded Model VA.
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1930 John Deere GP

The John Deere GP was a general purpose row crop tractor that was produced from 1928 to 1935. It was originally called the Model C, but there was a lot of confusion between it and the Model D. Since International was having success with the Farmall, John Deere decided just to call it the GP in order to better their chances of competing. The GP had a fixed front axle that straddled three rows. It also had two 14-inch plows, and weighed 3,600 pounds.
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Farmall H

The Farmall H was a row-crop tractor that was produced from 1939-1953. The H was a fairly successful tractor, having over 390,000 sold. There were three different International Harvester engines used in the Farmall H: gasoline, distillate, and kerosene. They were all liquid-cooled four-cylinders with a bore/stroke of 3.375 x 4.25 inches and a displacement of 152.1 cubic inches. In fact, the only difference came in the compression ratio. The gasoline-ran H had a ratio of 5.9:1, the distillate-ran H had a ratio of 4.75:1, and the kerosene-ran H had a ratio of 4.5:1.
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Farmall Regular

When International Harvester Company brought out their IHC Farmall in 1924, they had no idea how big it would be in the tractor world. After seven years of development, the Farmall was released, and would become one of the most influential tractors of all time. It was big enough to have a good amount of power, but small enough to maneuver easily. It turned easily, had high clearance, and wide wheel spacing. International was innovative in their engineering, but didn’t foresee the high demand. Only a few hundred were produced and sold in the first couple of years, but they quickly increased production, and 134,650 would be sold in just eight years.
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